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Understanding The Different Types Of Power Of Attorney

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

An important part of estate planning is determining which loved ones will have power of attorney for you in the event you are incapacitated or otherwise unable to make your own decisions. By having power of attorney, they have the right to make decisions on your behalf that you cannot make yourself, such as… Read More »


New Standards Issued for Professional Guardians in Florida

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

Taking for granted the wide autonomy enjoyed by most adults is easy to do for many years, but as one enters the last segment of his/her life, the continuation of this autonomy is not so certain. When someone loses the ability to provide self-care and/or manage his/her personal and financial affairs, it may be… Read More »


Estate Planning Strategies During Your Peak Career Years

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

Generation X, the segment of the population that gets less attention than baby boomers and millennials, are in the midst of their peak years of professional achievement and earning capacity. The end of life is still too far away to provoke thoughts of mortality, but the need to institute an estate plan becomes more… Read More »


The Risks of Writing Your Own Will

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

Most people are aware of the benefits of executing a will that outlines how to divide a person’s real and personal property after death. If one listens and reads the ads posted online or aired on radio or TV, creating an estate plan, and especially the execution of a will, is a simple process… Read More »


Governor Scott Kills Electronic Wills Bill

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

Leaving a will to designate how property will be distributed after your death is a very traditional and long-followed method for estate planning. For most of history, these documents were memorialized on paper, which left them susceptible to loss, destruction or damage. With the advent of computers, these documents could at least be drafted… Read More »


Picking the Right Trust for You

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

Picking the right estate plan is one of the most important decisions a person will make because the ramifications extend far beyond the life of the creator. Trusts are one of the most common forms of estate planning used due to the flexibility and advantages they offer. There are two basic categories of trusts:… Read More »


Knowing When to Remove a Trustee

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

Trusts are a key component of many estate plans because of the flexibility they offer for managing assets while alive and after death. At its most basic, a trust is legal arrangement that allows a trustee to hold title over a property for the benefit of beneficiaries. Living trusts, for example, allow the creator… Read More »


Understanding the Probate Process

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

The death of a loved one is always devastating, and requires a considerable amount of time to process, as well as to grieve. In the midst of planning funeral arrangements, it is often necessary to negotiate the complicated process of gathering the required documents to, for example, access bank accounts and receive any life… Read More »


What You Should Know Before Agreeing to Serve as a Legal Guardian

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

One of the largest shifts a person makes as he/she transitions to adulthood is learning how to make decisions without the guiding hand of a parent. Once fully learned, though, this autonomy provides freedom of choice and movement, and the authority needed to generate sufficient financial support. However, as individuals enter the last years… Read More »


How Wills Become Invalid

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

Executing a will takes a lot of time and forethought to ensure the document reflects what the creator wants and is legally effective. Given this commitment, avoiding the potential that a will may be invalidated is crucial. Not only would an invalidation completely wipe out the careful arrangements the creator set in place for… Read More »

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