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Four Things To Know About Social Media And Your Divorce

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

Today, social media permeates many aspects of our lives. Some people use social media more heavily than others, but few can honestly say they do not use any form of social media at all. Just like we have adapted how we plan events, how we commemorate birthdays and other milestones, and how we debate… Read More »


Waiving Your Right To Receive Alimony

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

In Florida, it is possible to waive your right to seek alimony in your divorce settlement. This right is limited, though, because courts recognize the importance of alimony for individuals working through the divorce process. You cannot waive your right to receive temporary alimony while your divorce is pending, but you can choose to… Read More »


Your Responsibilities Before Your Uncontested Divorce

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

Many Florida couples choose to complete an uncontested divorce to save themselves time and money while avoiding conflict. With this type of divorce, the couple makes their own decisions about how their property will be divided and submits a written settlement to the court. There is very little court involvement with an uncontested divorce… Read More »


Completing A Stepparent Adoption In Florida

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

When a single parent remarries, his or her spouse can adopt the child through a process known as stepparent adoption. A stepparent adoption is quite different from other adoption methods. Typically, a stepparent adoption is a much quicker, simpler process because there is no need for a home study and the certification that the… Read More »


How Marital Debt Is Divided In A Divorce

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

When a couple divorces, their marital assets are divided between them. Their debts, too, are divided. Property and debt distribution is part of any divorce, regardless of the length of the couple’s marriage. Couples can make this portion of their divorce easier for themselves by working to eliminate their shared debt before filing for… Read More »


How Does Infidelity Affect A Divorce Settlement?

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

In Florida, all divorces are no-fault divorces. This means that aside from the residency and filing requirements, all a couple needs to do to end their marriage is to state that they are no longer compatible with each other. When the court has to divide the couple’s assets for them and create a parenting… Read More »


Do We Qualify For An Uncontested Divorce?

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

You might. An uncontested divorce is a streamlined, simplified version of the divorce process that makes it possible for a couple to end their marriage in a little more than a month. This does not mean it should not be taken seriously – divorce is a serious subject and every divorce should be considered… Read More »


How The Millennial Divorce Differs From The Divorces Of Earlier Generations

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

Millennials, Americans born between the mid-1980s and the early 2000s, are changing many of our society’s cultural norms. One area where millennials’ behavior is significantly different from that of earlier generations is marriage and divorce. There are many unique ways millennials approach marriage and divorce and many reasons for these differences, like the economic… Read More »


I’ve Been Asked To Be A Healthcare Surrogate. What Does This Mean For Me?

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

Estate planning has a lot of components. This process can involve difficult conversations and decisions for an individual planning his or her estate, but difficult conversation and choices now can make the individual’s life, and the lives of his or her loved ones, easier later. Designating a healthcare surrogate can be part of the… Read More »


Your Child’s Academic Progress And Your Parenting Plan

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

When the court creates a custody plan for a child, it considers a variety of factors about the child’s life and personal needs to determine the plan that is in his or her best interest. One substantial aspect of a child’s life is his or her academic progress. Whether a child is in kindergarten… Read More »

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