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What Can my Divorce Lawyer Do on my Behalf?


When you are working through a divorce, you should be working with an experienced divorce lawyer. Whether you choose to negotiate your own divorce settlement with your spouse or you head to court to litigate the divorce, your lawyer plays an important role as your advocate. Below are four important roles your divorce lawyer plays for you.

Help you Negotiate an Appropriate Divorce Settlement

When you choose to negotiate your own divorce settlement, you and your spouse work out the settlement’s details. Your lawyer’s job is to help you reach a fair settlement based on your individual needs and the realities you and your spouse face. Usually, this involves referring to Florida’s laws regarding property division and alimony. Your lawyer can help you identify your goals for the divorce and advise you on where to compromise and where to stand your ground.

Inform you of All your Rights and Legal Options

You have certain rights in a divorce, like the right to seek alimony and the right to challenge the validity of an existing prenuptial agreement. If you are ever unsure of your rights, your lawyer can inform you of them.

Your lawyer can also inform you of all your options, such as the option to pursue mediation or try a collaborative divorce in order to keep it out of the courtroom. He or she can also help you determine whether it is in your best interest to file certain court orders, like an order for temporary alimony.

Defend your Case Against False and Inappropriate Claims

Although you might think you only need your lawyer to defend you when you are facing a criminal charge, there are instances where your divorce lawyer could have to play this role.

False accusations sometimes arise during contentious divorces. You might face one or more of the following accusations:

  • Domestic violence;
  • A lack of involvement in your child’s life;
  • Substance abuse; or
  • Hiding assets.

When you are facing an accusation like this, your lawyer can use available evidence to defend your case.

Connect you With Professionals Who can Help with your Divorce

When you are dividing your marital estate, you might need outside professional help valuing your assets and determining how to divide them fairly after considering issues like depreciation, appreciation, assets’ tax obligations, and how your individual needs play into determining a fair asset breakdown. Your lawyer has these individuals in his or her professional network. They include:

  • Accountants;
  • Business appraisers;
  • Real estate appraisers; and
  • Financial advisors.

He or she might also connect you with professionals who can help you determine an appropriate parenting plan. These professionals can include:

  • A child custody evaluator;
  • Child psychologists; and
  • Mental healthcare professionals who serve adults.

Work with an Experienced Tampa Divorce Lawyer

To learn more about the role your Tampa divorce lawyer plays in the divorce process, schedule your legal consultation with our team at Bubley & Bubley, P.A.



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