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Reexamining Shared Parenting in Florida as Family Roles Change

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

For anyone who is currently in the process of getting divorced or is considering divorce in the New Year, the divorce process is likely to be more complicated if you have minor children from the marriage. According to a recent article in ScienceNordic, public policies in the US and across the Western world handle… Read More »

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I Do Not Agree With The Court’s Assessment Of My Child’s Best Interest. What Can I Do?

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

When the court develops a child custody arrangement, it strives to create the arrangement that is in the child’s best interest. To determine a child’s best interest, the court considers numerous factors, such as the child’s relationship with each parent and the other members of the parents’ households, the child’s personal and medical needs,… Read More »

How Does Child Custody Work if Parents Live in Different Countries?

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

Separations and divorces where children are involved can easily become a messy situation if the parties have trouble agreeing on child custody and/or support. The potential for complications quickly escalates if the parents live in different location as they try to negotiate time schedules for seeing the child and determining who will pay for… Read More »

How Florida Courts Decide Child Custody

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

Deciding how to handle child custody and parenting time after divorce or separation is one of the hardest issues any parent will ever handle. Putting the needs of the child first is certainly the intent of most parents, but any negative feelings the parents feels toward each other may make executing that intent very… Read More »

Enforcing Out-of-State Child Custody Orders

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

Child custody is a looming issue in any divorce petition unless both parents are in complete agreement about division of responsibility and parenting time. If custody is only gained after a long, drawn out court battle, making sure the terms of the custody order are properly followed becomes a high priority. Adhering to the… Read More »

What Happens If a Parent Violates the Parenting Time Agreement?

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

Splitting the time a child spends with each parent is not an easy arrangement for the parents or the child, but is a necessary reality for any family experiencing divorce or separation. The division of time for the parents and child is termed parenting time, and is determined by an order of the court… Read More »

The Role of the Parenting Coordinator in Parenting Plans

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

Disagreements between parents over how much time each should get to spend with their child are fairly common and easy to understand given the stakes involved with child custody matters. While it may seem logical to ask a court to decide how much parenting time each party should receive, courts would rather the parties… Read More »

Grandparents’ Right to Visitation

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

When parents divorce or separate, the effects of the split extend far beyond the borders of the core family unit. Extended family members are also affected, as visits with the child decrease due to dividing time between parents and the possibility the child may move farther away. Grandparents are especially impacted when families break… Read More »

Decisions about Parenting Time in Florida

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

Regardless of the underlying circumstances that prompt a need for a child custody determination – e.g., divorce, paternity, separation – parenting time is an important issue with long ranging ramifications that demands careful consideration. There is often a lot of emotion invested in the outcome of this decision that can complicate matters and sometimes… Read More »

Child Custody in Florida

By Bubley & Bubley, P.A. |

When a married person decides to obtain a divorce and the couple has children, the family court will decide issues of custody. In Florida, there are two main types of custody, physical and legal. This post provides basic principles regarding custody to inform and prepare a parent entering into a family law case involving… Read More »

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