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Six Important Provisions To Put In A Tampa Parenting Plan


When child custody disputes in Tampa arise, courts generally encourage joint time-sharing arrangements that allow both parents to remain active and involved in the child’s life. Parenting plans dictate each parties rights and obligations, forming the basis for a final child custody order. Our Tampa child custody lawyer explains six important provisions your Florida parenting plan should include.

  1. Rights regarding children during the week. 

Under the Florida Statutes, it is considered in the child’s best interests to have both parents remain involved in their lives. Provided there is nothing that would put the child at risk, shared custody arrangements are generally encouraged.

You will need to determine arrangements that work for you and your former partner, while also accommodating your child’s busy schedule. Consider schooling or daycare, extracurricular activities, time for friends, and bedtimes, meals, and other routines your child typically follows.

  1. Rights on weekends, birthdays, holidays, and extended visits over school breaks. 

Parents often choose to alternate custody on weekends, birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions. However, one of the benefits of a Florida parenting plan as it allows for customized arrangements based on the details in your specific case. For example, rather than alternating years, you may prefer your child to spend time over holidays in each parent’s home.

  1. Pick-up and drop-off arrangements. 

This can be a major point of contention for parents who may still have hard feelings and problems dealing with each other. In this type of situation, meeting at a nearby restaurant, rather than in your home, is often the best option.

  1. How unexpected situations are handled. 

Unexpected issues are bound to arise. Make provisions such as who will watch your child if there is a conflict in your work schedule or make up visits in case you are unable to temporarily do an allotted time. Include details regarding emergencies as well and determine who has the right to make important medical decisions on behalf of the child.

  1. How disputes are resolved. 

Just because your relationship did not work out, you and the other parent can still work together in raising your child. However, when disputes do arise, it helps to specify how these should be resolved in your parenting plan.

  1. When to return to court. 

Many problems that arise concerning a parenting plan can be negotiated with the help of our Tampa child custody lawyer. However, include provisions for when you need to return to court, such as if one of the parents refuses to cooperate with the plan, intends on moving to another area, or is engaging in behavior that puts your child at risk.

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