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How The Millennial Divorce Differs From The Divorces Of Earlier Generations


Millennials, Americans born between the mid-1980s and the early 2000s, are changing many of our society’s cultural norms. One area where millennials’ behavior is significantly different from that of earlier generations is marriage and divorce. There are many unique ways millennials approach marriage and divorce and many reasons for these differences, like the economic climate into which many came of age.

Millennials are Slower and Less Likely to Marry

Approximately 26 percent of millennials are currently married. This does not mean millennials are not interested in long-term, committed relationships, but that many opt to cohabitate with partners rather than waiting until they are married to live together. Some eschew marriage altogether, opting to make choices that traditionally follow marriage, like purchasing real estate and having children, without marrying.

Millennials are also choosing to marry later than previous generations, with an average age of 27 for women and 29 for men at the time of one’s first marriage.

When they Do Marry, Millennials Take More Time to Prepare

Millennials are also more likely to sign prenuptial agreements than members of previous generations. This is partly because millennials are largely marrying at a later, more advanced stage of their careers and have more assets when they marry and partly because millennials largely view a prenuptial agreement as a pragmatic step toward preserving their wealth.

A prenuptial agreement provides an outline for a divorcing couple to follow regarding the division of their assets. In a millennial marriage, both partners generally work outside the home. For these couples, a prenuptial agreement is simply a realistic step related to personal finance, rather than a sign that they do not have faith in their marriages.

Millennials have a Different Perspective on Divorce and Approach it More Readily when their Marriages Fail

Millennials tend to be more comfortable with divorce than older Americans because during their formative years, divorce was not socially taboo. Many millennials grew up with divorced parents and those who did not certainly had peers who did. Along with divorce comes single parent households and blended families, neither of which are unusual to the average millennial.

Although the divorce rate is currently at its lowest point since the 1980s, it is important to remember that a big reason for this lower rate is the overall lower marriage rate among millennials. Millennials in unhealthy marriages are quicker to file for divorce and end their marriages than members of other generations. Millennials also tend to have a more optimistic view of divorce, seeing it as the start of a new stage in their lives rather than a personal failure.

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