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Four Things To Know About Social Media And Your Divorce


Today, social media permeates many aspects of our lives. Some people use social media more heavily than others, but few can honestly say they do not use any form of social media at all. Just like we have adapted how we plan events, how we commemorate birthdays and other milestones, and how we debate our political differences with the rise of social media, we have also changed how we approach divorce.

When you are working through a divorce, use social media wisely. Keep the following in mind to minimize its impact on your divorce.

 Information you Post to Social Media Can be Used as Evidence to Support Claims

If you are seeking alimony, but posting photos of your new home with your new partner, your former spouse can use these images to show the court why you do not need the alimony amount you are seeking. Similarly, social media content and images can be used to support claims about your parenting ability, your income, and how you use your assets.

How you Behave on Social Media Always Reflects on your Character

You might feel frustrated with your former partner or the divorce, but keep your feelings off social media. One of the factors the court considers when creating parenting plans is how willing the couple is to cooperate with each other. A social media profile full of content bashing your former partner can hurt your chance of getting an equal parenting plan.

How you behave on social media can also create tension between yourself, your former partner, and your family and friends. Some disagreements, such as those you have with your former partner, do not need to be broadcast to your entire social network.

Nothing is Truly Private or Gone on the Internet

Keep in mind that even if you delete an image or post, somebody else could have screencapped it while it existed and might share it with others or use it to support a claim about you. Similarly, although you can adjust your privacy settings, you can never know who is sharing your information with whom, and who is looking over your contact’s shoulder as he or she browses social media.

Your Social Media Content Can be Taken Out of Context and Used Against you

Say you enjoy a night out at the bar with your friends and post photos of it to your social media account. If your former spouse claims you drink excessively and value your time out with friends over your time with your family, he or she can use that photo to support the claim, even if your night out was the first time you had had a drink or gone out in months. Before you post anything to social media, think of all the ways it can possibly be interpreted or used. If there is even a remote chance it can be used against you, keep it offline.

Work with an Experienced Tampa Divorce Lawyer

Going through a divorce is difficult. In some ways, today’s technology and social mores can make it even more difficult than it was for previous generations. For effective legal guidance and representation as you move through the divorce process, work with one of the experienced Tampa divorce lawyers at Bubley & Bubley, P.A. Contact our firm today to set up your initial consultation with us.



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