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A High-Conflict Marriage Can Be As Bad For Your Health As Smoking


Recent research from the University of Nevada and the University of Michigan has established a link between physical ailments and high-conflict marriages. In their study, the researchers followed 373 heterosexual couples over the course of the first 16 years of their marriages to examine the relationship between health problems and the frequency at which the couples disagreed on specific topics. These topics included finances, in-laws, children, and recreational activities.

The researchers established that living in a high-conflict marriage is harmful to an individual’s health in a similar way to how smoking and drinking alcohol are harmful. If you feel that you are living in a high-conflict marriage and that reconciliation with your partner is not possible, divorce could be the healthiest option for you.

Who is Affected More by Unhealthy Marriages?

According to the study, marital conflict has a greater effect on men than it does on women. However, it does negatively impact both sexes’ health. Among women, there was no specific link between the number of topics where they disagreed with their husbands and the severity of their physical ailments. For men, the number of disagreement topics drove their health decline.

Stress is Bad for your Health, Physically and Mentally

The researchers collected data on the frequency of couples’ disagreements and the types and frequency of ailments they suffered by asking the participants about specific ways their health interfered with their daily lives, like whether they had difficulty sleeping, suffered from headaches, and whether their health conditions interfered with their work.

This study and previous research have confirmed the link between high stress levels and worsened physical health. Stress is linked to many different adverse health conditions, from muscle aches, anxiety, and chronic pain to obesity, gastrointestinal disorders, and cardiovascular disease. It can also cause inflammation and reduced immune system functioning. In a marriage where conflicts are a regular occurrence, both parties’ stress levels tend to be high. This is a big part of why individuals living in this kind of marriage tend to suffer from more health problems.

Reducing Stress in your Marriage

Taking steps to reduce the stress levels in your marriage is an investment in your well being. If you feel your marriage is suffering from frequent conflict, working with a marriage counselor can be a way to establish healthy communication patterns. This can prevent new conflicts and reduce your stress levels.

Work with an Experienced Tampa Divorce Lawyer

Getting a divorce is stressful, but in the long run, it is less stressful than spending the rest of your life in an unhealthy marriage. If you are considering filing for divorce, first discuss your situation with an experienced Tampa divorce lawyer to get a better understanding of the process and what you can expect from it. To start working with a member of our team, contact Bubley & Bubley, P.A. today to set up your initial consultation in our office.



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